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Kale Pie

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Explore new textures with this unique combination of fried kale, honey, and melted Bacio pizza cheese.

Featuring one of these great Bacio poducts:



Topping Ingredients
1 ea., 12 oz. Dough Ball
3-4 oz. Calabrian Tomato sauce
10 oz. Bacio Cheese
2 oz. Bacon
2 oz. Sliced, cooked Shitake Mushrooms

Post-baked garnish
2 oz. Fried Kale Leaves
1 oz. Honey


Garnish Instructions
Pick kale leaves off stem and fry till crisp, season with S&P and apply to pizza after baked. Garnish with the juice 3 lemon wedges.

Pizza Instructions
Spread the Calabrian Tomato Sauce out on the dough while leaving a 1” crust around the edge.
Second, sprinkle 10 oz. of Bacio Cheese around the sauced area on the dough.
Place the bacon and mushrooms on the pizza and bake.
Once baked, finish with fried kale and a generous portion of honey then garnish with 2 lemon wedges.