Bacio Gold Club Rewards

Bacio Gold Club Portal FAQs

Can I make my own username?

Yes. Once you receive the invitation to create an account in the portal, you will be prompted to create the username and password of your choosing.

I own multiple stores. Can I see all my stores at once?

No. At this time you have to sign in with individual usernames per individual accounts, but we are working on an aggregated view in our next portal update.

Why are the months in the graph not matching up?

The rewards you earn are technically sent the month following your purchase, so the rewards graph will always be one month behind to account for that.

Why are there month(s) missing from the graph?

When you don’t purchase Bacio cheese for a period of time, that timeframe will show up as blank, causing the graph to stick to the next purchase/reward dollars earned.

How long does it take for my last purchase to show up in the portal?

We update our records bi-weekly so there is typically a two-week delay in showing your most recent purchase.

What if I don’t have a login?

Contact your sales rep or email

Still have questions?

Contact us at