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Exceptional cheese for exceptional pizzerias.

Bacio® is a premium Italian pizza cheese specially crafted for discerning pizzerias and restaurants that are passionate about using the best ingredients. Bacio® is uniquely crafted with fresh, Grade A milk and With a Kiss of Buffalo Milk® to deliver an authentic, delicious taste and unparalleled performance.

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Flavor and performance you can trust.

Naturally crafted, creamy pizza cheese with a Kiss of Buffalo Milk™. Each batch begins with fresh, Grade A cow’s milk. We add just the right amount of buffalo milk to create a distinctive cheese that’s the crowning ingredient for pizza perfection.

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Introducing Provore™.
Inspired by provolone.
Perfected by Bacio®.


A loyalty program you can take to the bank.

The decision to use Bacio reflects a pizzeria’s commitment to flawless, exceptional pizza for their customers. We’re proud to recognize and reward these selective restaurants by inviting them to join our exclusive Gold Club Rewards program.


“I thought I was already using the best cheese, but as soon as I tried Bacio, I switched right away. There is no comparison - Bacio wins out every time”

Pam Proto, Owner/Operator
Proto's Pizza - Longmont, CO

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A lot of great information in this post. Thanks Steve!

Repost from @pizzacityusa

This week I started working on a new dough (2-day ferment as usual) but instead of slices, I’m using shredded whole milk & part skim @baciocheese. Bacio is an exceptional Italian pizza cheese made with Grade A milk and their trademark Kiss of Buffalo Milk. Melts great, doesn’t burn and reheated nicely at home on my stone in a 500 degree oven. Tastes great with the sausage and chopped giardiniera, adding creamy richness to balance the slight heat. They have a Bacio Gold Club cash back program for pizzerias, so schedule your demo – visit for more info.

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According to NPD digital orders and delivery have more than doubled since 2019 while on premise dining has drastically declined. Is this in line with what you’re seeing in your restaurant?

#BacioCheese #BuildItWithBacio