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Spring Potato Pizza

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Spring Potato Pizza blends Bacio cheese, potatoes and chive crème fraiche to create an amazing taste experience.

Featuring one of these great Bacio products:



1 ea., 14” pizza dough
4 oz, Chive Crème Fraiche
9 oz, Bacio Sharp Provolone & Whole Milk Blend Cheese
4 oz., Sliced Baby Potato (purple, pink, gold)
.5 oz., Chopped Chive (post bake)

Chive Crème Fraiche Ingredients
2 cups, Crème Fraiche
2 oz., Chopped Chives
To Taste, Salt & Pepper


Stretch pizza dough to 14”.
Spread 4 oz of Chive Crème Fraiche across dough, leaving about a 1” crust line.
Cover sauced area with 9 oz of Bacio’s Sharp Provolone & Whole Milk Blend Cheese.
Thinly slice the potatoes on a mandolin and place over cheesed area similarly to how you’d place pepperonis on a pizza.
Bake until the cheese is properly melted, and the dough is fully cooked.
Once baked, garnish with chopped chives.

For Chive Crème Fraiche
Finely chop chives and fold into Crème Fraiche.
Season with Salt & Pepper.