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Roman Style Pizza

total time

Three delicious roman pizzas in one. Cut it with scissors for extra fun.

Featuring one of these great Bacio products:



1 each, 18 oz dough
4 oz. Roma tomato sauce
9 oz Bacio Sharp Provolone & Whole Milk Blend Cheese

First 1/3 of Pizza
1 oz. Olive Tapenade (post bake)
1 oz. Halved Cherry Tomato
.5 oz. Torn Basil Leaves (post bake)

Middle of Pizza
1 oz Soppressata
2 oz Fresh Arugula (post bake)
1 oz Shaved Parmesan (post bake)

Last 1/3 of Pizza
2 oz Prosciutto (post bake)
1 oz Balsamic Redux (post bake)


Stretch 18 oz dough ball into a well-oiled 24-inch Roman pizza pan. Let proof until you can stretch dough into each corner.
Cover the dough with 4 oz of Roma Tomato Sauce leaving a 1” crust line around the edge.
Cover the sauced area with 9 oz. of Bacio Sharp Provolone & Whole Milk Blend Cheese.
Top each third of the dough according to the toppings below.
Bake pizza until cheese is melted and dough is properly cooked.