Pizzerias Love Bacio®

Bacio cheese has so much to offer. It’s distinctive flavor, signature Kiss of Buffalo Milk™ and superior performance almost can’t be described in words. That said, some of our pleased and loyal customers wanted to give it a try. Here’s how Bacio is transforming pizzas all across the nation.


“We tested Bacio in three stores with exceptional results. An Italian customer came in and asked what cheese we used. She almost walked away but our chef stopped her and made her a new pizza with Bacio instead of our old cheese. She couldn’t stop talking about it. She was on vacation from Italy and loved Bacio. That may have been the tipping point in our decision-making process.”

Frank Contaldo, President
Pizzeria Venti


“Other super-premium cheeses may be well-known, but to me they never really stood out. Bacio sure stands out. It spreads well and always looks delicious because of its melt and re-heating capabilities. It may cost a little more, but it’s been more than worth it.”

Frank Messina, Owner/Operator
Jim n Nena’s Pizza, York, PA


“It’s unbelievable. I tasted Bacio Cheese and loved it, especially the creamy flavor & way it melts.”

Mark Tornabene, Owner/Operator
Nino’s Restaurant. Boca Raton, FL                                                                                      


“During our Bacio demonstration, the sales rep made us two pizzas – one with Bacio and one with a “leading” premium cheese. They came out of the oven and I took a bite. I decided on the spot that Bacio was the cheese I want on my pizzas.”

Frank Armetta, Owner/Operator
Armetta, Macungie, PA