Discover More About Bacio®

Where is Bacio made?
Bacio is specially crafted in a state-of-the-art cheese-manufacturing facility designed to produce top quality cheese for the world’s leading pizzerias. The facility is located in the San Joaquin Valley, one of the nation’s leading milk producing regions. This valley is known for the quality and consistency of its dairy.


Where does the buffalo milk come from?
Bacio cheese is made with imported buffalo milk from one of the largest buffalo-milk-producing regions in the world. Our buffalo milk has been thoroughly tested to ensure compliance with our premium quality expectations, and we continue to work with our supply partners to identify safe, sustainable sources of the highest quality buffalo milk throughout the world.


How much buffalo milk is in Bacio?
Bacio’s unique recipe is the result of years of development. The exact recipe is proprietary and confidential, however, we can reveal that the Kiss of Buffalo Milk™ is the secret behind Bacio’s unsurpassed flavor, melt, stretch and reheat.


Why is Bacio called “pizza cheese” instead of mozzarella?
Mozzarella, as defined by the FDA, does not include the mixing of cow and buffalo milk. However, our master cheese maker had a goal of creating the best pizza cheese in the world, and he found that it’s this very special combination that makes Bacio so exceptional.


Is Bacio the same as mozzarella di bufala?
No, Bacio is different than mozzarella di bufala or fresh buffalo mozzarella. Our cheese is more closely related to traditional mozzarella that is used on pizzas and other Italian dishes.


What does the Bacio name mean?
Bacio, Italian for kiss, is an homage to the signature Kiss of Buffalo Milk™ that sets our pizza cheese apart from any other.